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Just Simply Baby

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I'll never forget the first time I thought about doing cloth diapers with my 4th baby. I wasn't "one of those moms" back then. We ate at McDonald's and stopped at gas stations for those slurpies on a hot day. I made formula bottles for my first 3 kids. Being "natural" just wasn't what I was worried about. It was when I had a 5 month old and I was looking at another positive pregnancy test that I realized ... "I can't do this!". The cost of diapers was going to leave us homeless! So, I ventured out into just "looking". I spent about $100 on different brands. Different styles. I spent HOURS researching. I felt so confused and just plain stupid by all the acronyms. I remember feeling frustrated by all the money I spent on trying to save money on the perfect cloth diaper. This was when Just Simply Baby was born. More on that on my blog :p But I haven't forgotten how expensive cloth diapers are. Haven't forgotten the frustration and confusion. This is why I have created a product just for you!

This is a 3 diaper kit. I have other kits, but 3 diapers is a great "just to try" kit. To help your financial decision I have it marked down to the lowest price possible. To help you figure out if it works for you- I want you to use these diapers on your baby. Wash them. Use them. Wash them again. Do this for 30 days! If you just aren't getting into the cloth diaper groove- send them back for a full refund. You won't spend a penny on a diaper that doesn't work for you. To help you figure it all out- I will be available any time for your emails or messages. No question is too dumb, and no amount of questions will annoy me :)

This kit includes 3 pocket diaper covers which include 6 bamboo inserts. I love pocket diapers. I have tried others- but the pocket is that perfect medium of convenient and reliable. All you have to do is take 2 inserts, and slide them into the pocket of the diaper cover. Simply snap shut on your baby. These diapers will also fit most babies from birth til potty trained. I've been using these same diapers on my son- since he was a week old, and he will be 2 in May!

I will also include in this kit a detail washing instructions. It's not overwhelming, but it's nice to have a detailed list of what to do.

This kit also includes FREE U.S. SHIPPING!

The patterns and colors selected will be a variety of any pattern/colors we sell currently online- but if there are a few you have your heart set on, just let me know in the order comments- I'll try my best to accommodate!

If you have ANY questions- just ask! I've done all the research and work for you!


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