Layaway and Maternity Holds

Layaway- There is a $5.00 Layaway fee. I never charge interest, but I do charge a small $5 fee for layaway set up. NO LAYAWAY FEE until March 30 on orders over $100
PLEASE NOTE: If you have not contacted us at or deposited first payment within 1 week of placing order, order will be cancelled.

How to place a layaway order: Simple! Just add what you want to your cart. When you get to the 2nd page of checkout you will see payment options. Just select "Layaway" as a payment option. Then email with your paypal email (for invoices) and how many months you would like to have for layaway hold (up to 9 months).

How does Layaway effect my 30 day return?
Your 30 return starts when I ship it out, so this doesn't effect your 30 day policy.

What if I need to cancel my layaway?
You are welcome to cancel anytime, however, any deposits towards layaway will not be refunded.

Why should I do Layaway?
Just Simply Baby is always offering deals and coupons! Sometimes, the deals come at bad financial times. Don't miss an opportunity to save!

Will my Layaway order be cancelled?
If you have not contacted us within a week of placing your order, your order will be cancelled. If payments are not made on time, your order will be cancelled.

What if I can't make payments?
Orders will be cancelled at any time during layaway if payment is not made within 1 week of your monthly bill. All money deposited prior to this will not be refunded.

Maternity Holds

I understand you want the best cloth diapers for your baby... but baby is still in the oven! Purchase any of our cloth diaper kits and we will hold it until your are 36 weeks along. Feel free to make monthly payments until then too! 30 day return will begin when your little one arrives!

How to place a maternity order:

Simple! Just place an order but in the comment section tell me to hold until whenever date you wish us to send out your order! No fees!