My diapers are leaking, how can I fix this?

Stripping is removing residue layers from the cloth diapers. Over time, detergent doesn't completely wash off, so time after time, a layer of detergent builds up thicker and thicker- eventually causing odor, leaks, and rashes. There are two ways to try removing the residue from your diapers. First, try the cheap way, it doesn't work for hardly anyone, but you may get lucky. Soak your clean diapers overnight in the washer with a squirt of blue Dawn dish soap. Rinse in the morning, line dry. If this doesn't fix your problems, don't worry! Purchase a bag of Funk Rock from RockinGreenSoap.com. Soak the clean diapers overnight in a bucket (or washer) of water. In the morning, rinse out the Funk Rock. Line dry. If you are have tried everything, or have other questions, please email Shop@JustSimplyBaby.com. Our cloth diapers are not known for leaking and if they are, it's usually the cause of build up- an easy fix. You can also test your diapers and inserts to confirm they have residue build up. Simply pour a TBS of water onto the fabric where baby would be urinating. If the water absorbs quickly, you do not have a build up issue. If it beads up, or slowly absorbs, there is a detergent buildup layer that needs to be removed. You can test this on your inserts as well.

Can I pair up different inserts? What is the best combo?

The usual is to use 2 MicroBoo inserts- just your basic set for most babies. Sometimes you have a heavy wetter- or you don't like the "bulky" look that comes from cloth diapers. Bamboo inserts are very thin, but are very slow in absorbing. So if a baby pee's, it can take up to 30 seconds to absorb- which is not a good thing. So we do not recommend bamboo inserts by themselves. We recommend pairing a MicroBoo with a bamboo insert. MicroBoo absorbs very fast, but doesn't hold a whole lot. So if you were to pair these, put the MicroBoo in the pocket, closest to baby's bum. Hemp and MicroBoo can be used by itself, and does not need to be paired. But if you want to- go right ahead! Not a problem. Really no rules to how many, how little you use if it works! Our best combo- microboo and hemp!

Can I use diaper creams?

You cannot use Desitin or A and D ointment,or anything else that has cod liver oil or petroleum. If you must use diaper cream, place a disposable diaper liner or cloth wipe between the diaper and your baby's bum to keep the cloth diaper safe. Coconut oil works great!

Can I use these as swim diapers?

Yes! They are great for the pool, beach, lake, etc! Just take the inserts out and you are ready to hit the water! Please note the effect chlorine has on all material, and fading and wear will occur quicker when using in a chlorinated pool. Also, I recommend a regular diaper for swim diapers, as they will hold up better to the harsh chemicals and water better in the long run.

How do I prep the inserts, and how do I tell the difference?

MicroBoo inserts (which is our most standard insert) do not need to be prepped. Just wash with the diapers and that's it!
Hemp insert (to remove natural oils): First time prep: Boil for 15 minutes or wash 4-5 times in hot water.

How do I wash the diapers?

Once soiled, unsnap diaper, clean baby and place the entire diaper in your wet bag til wash day. When wash day arrives, pull diapers out one at a time, take inserts out and put in wash. If there is poo, knock off into toilet, then toss the diaper into the wash with the inserts. Try to use more water than needed (for HE washers, put a white towel in there to help raise the water). Do a Rinse cycle first with hot water. Then continue a normal soap wash with warm water. Extra water will allow a better rinse. Add the recommended detergent amount. Line dry or on medium heat and start again! We recommend Rockin Green Soap. Other detergents that are free of dyes, softeners, bleaches, and fragrances are ok to use, but will cause detergent build up- which will lead to leaks, odor, and possible rashes. Do not use any bleach or softeners (including dryer sheets). If you experience any leaks, odor, or rashes we recommend stripping them to remove the detergent build up. Remember to wipe your washer/dryer out before washing diapers if you use softeners on your other clothes!

I just received my diapers, what do I do first?

Thanks for buying at JSB! FIRST- prevent leaking! Wipe down the inside of your dryer with a rag dampened with either vinegar or bleach to remove residue. Now you are ready! Open diapers. Put unsnapped, into wash along with any microfiber inserts you purchased (unless customized your diapers came with microfiber inserts). Wash like normal, following detergent package. Dry on medium heat, or put in sunshine. Once dry, go ahead and put 1-2 inserts into the pocket part of the diaper so you are ready for diaper changes.

My baby has a yeast infection, how do I clean the diapers?

Yeast infections are a real pain! Despite what some say, this is not caused by something external (too long in a diaper, using cloth diapers, bad cream, got too hot, etc.) A yeast infection starts on the inside. I never recommend cleaning the cloth diapers with vinegar/baking soda like some suggest. Reason being, a yeast infection started with your baby having an imbalance. Vinegar raises the PH balance. Baking soda lowers the PH balance. A little too much of either one will make the infection worse. So far the only sure fix is to use Funk Rock..and tried and found true when I used it on my own daughters diapers when she had this infection. You will strip the diapers as mentioned above, except sun line dry as much as you can. Do the funk rock wash and line dry every wash for two weeks. In addition, change your baby every 2 hours- pee or not, change them (of course, if you see they have wet or poo'd, change immediately).

What is the average life span of these diapers? Do I need to buy more sizes?

Average life span is about 3-5 years. Of course, like anything, this is based off the care given. You can prolong the life span of the diapers by line drying as much as possible. Be gentle when unsnapping on and off. Do not wash with any velcro products (other diapers, bibs, etc). Of course, the basics- never bleach, use softeners, etc. You never have to buy a bigger size! These diapers adjust as your baby grows.

What size are these diapers?

These are considered "one size" diapers. They fit about 7lbs- 38 lbs, really depends how the thighs of the baby or toddler :) But on average, these weight ranges will give you a good idea. Our Preemie/Newborn lineof diapers fit 4-16lbs.