About Me

Thank you so much for your interest in Just Simply Baby! I really appreciate it! Here are some quick facts about who I am and what I offer.

Who am I?
I am a mom of FIVE. Yes. Five. It only seems like a lot when they all go running in a different direction. My oldest (twins) will be 13 in a few weeks. My super easy child is 8. My little firecracker baby girl is 7, and my surprise baby BOY will be 2 in May. I've been married to my best friend for almost 14 years. We love to travel any time we are able. Love hiking and getting outdoors. I don't normally consider myself a crunchy momma- but.. judging by my baby carrier, cloth diapers, coconut oil, and kombucha lying around the room, I'd say I am. I started Just Simply Baby in 2009 when my baby girl was just a few months old. I had tried a few brands with her, and they all had a good perk followed by a few bad annoying ones. I took all the goods from different brands, put them together to make ONE good brand. I also remember the COST involved to start cloth diapering, and the dread of thinking "I'll be out all this money if this doesn't work!". Which is why I offer 30 days to return diapers if you find out cloth diapers just aren't your thing. I do love running a business, I love staying home with my kids, BUT I really do have a passion to help parents out getting started with cloth diapers. I know it's expensive, I know it's a challenge to make the change, and I want to be here to help any way I can!

How can you Contact Me?
Email or text is the best option for contact. I try to respond to your emails within 24-48 business hours. If you don't hear from me within 48 business hours, please email me again since either your email went to our spam filter, or my email went to yours :) Email Shop@JustSimplyBaby.com with any questions regarding your order or to inquire about our products. Text only number: 678-227-9637. Please remember, I do not respond often on Fridays and Saturdays, and I do not even login on Sundays.  I am also a true believer in God. Sometimes, moms need prayer or encouragement- I get it! I've been to the point where I just wished someone would listen or understand. If you ever want to email outside the usual cloth diaper questions- feel free too!

About my Products
I'm a huge breastfeeding advocate, prefer organic foods, the whole 9 yards. We drive over 45 minutes every other week just to shop for local and organic foods for the family. And just like you can't trust every "healthy" label, you have to do your research to make sure you are really getting what is being advertised. I'm picky when it comes to ORGANIC and HEALTHY. This is why our products are tested and put through a series of steps to ensure each diaper is not tainted with toxins and chemicals.
All of my products have been tested and rise above the CPSIA rules and standards. My Organic products are also certified. This means you are buying the safest and best products! There has been confusion that my diapers are handmade by moms, and I never want to take that credit from moms who DO make theirs at home. Hand sewing diapers take a lot of time. I sell many diapers a day so I needed to find a manufacturer! The Just Simply Baby manufacturer is located in a little town just outside Beijing. This is also a family owned and operated manufacturer for me. I have a great relationship with the mom who is in charge of it, and she is also very on board with making sure everything is made right and to USA guidelines! What does this mean? This means two things: 1- The labor laws are obeyed (in fact...they get more breaks and holidays then I do here at the office ;). 2- Most overseas products are made with overseas regulations, which is about a 1/3 of what the USA limit guidelines are for chemicals used, and how things are made. Chances are, if you purchase from a company here in the USA, and they have their products made overseas, there is a high certainty that the products are NOT even legal to be sold here in America, they are that high in chemical content! Worse...if you are buying cloth diapers from overseas companies that haven't been tested to USA guidelines, you are putting ALL THOSE chemicals onto your baby. Why do I have a manufacturer based overseas? Bottom line...it's cheaper! It's expensive to live in America, even more expensive to make it here! When we surveyed over 50,000 customers last June, we asked if they would rather have USA made and pay double- less than 2% said yes. I do love America, and love supporting it where I can though! If you would prefer to have a handmade, American pocket diaper I can definitely get you some, but please expect to pay $20.00 per diaper. What else is different? There are so many cloth diapers out there now, how can you tell the difference between cheaply made and good deal? Before you go and pay $25 a diaper at a popular name brand or before you go pay $50 for 50 diapers off a discount website (probably not that cheap...but you get the idea :) Be sure to do your research about the quality of the fabric. Ask the thickness of the PUL lining (most are a thin 2ML our is 2.5 and 3 layers thick). Ask if they have a warranty or trial time frame. Ask if and where the diapers have been tested (CPSIA is one of the few that test per USA guidelines..do not trust a no-name testing company). Cheap diapers are ok, if you are not concerned with quality and/or chemicals used. I do not have a huge profit margin, and I try to offer the best of both worlds- quality diapers, no toxins, and low price. I am also more than happy to be open and honest- if you have a question that has not been addressed here, please let me know!

When can you expect your order?

I really try to have all orders shipped out within 48 business hours via USPS. Depending on the size of your package or where you live will determine if it is sent Priority or Parcel or First Class. If you need your package sooner, you can email us prior to your order and request Priority shipping or Express and we can adjust your shipping costs accordingly. Please remember, I have 5 little ones who need to be fed, cleaned, and loved. Sometimes, shipping might be delayed a day. Your package is 2nd priority though, and I'll get to it as soon as I can :) If you are needing it sooner, feel free to email and I can get it out asap!

Do you offer any refunds or warranty?
Yes! I offer a 30 day return on all our diapers that are not on clearance. Cloth diapering is considered "out there" for most parents. And they are initially expensive to purchase. So, you may put all that money out there, and realize, it's not your thing! So don't feel stuck. Purchase from my website and enjoy the diapers for a couple of weeks. If it's just not working for you, send them back! I never try to make you keep them, or make you do a long walk through over the phone. You don't even need to call to get that refund! Of course, I do offer great customer service, ready for any questions you may have! Please email anytime, maybe you'll find a solution. For our complete return policy click here.

12 month Defect Policy - I believe in my products, and that with proper care they should last! If your diapers start showing wear and tear (snaps breaking, elastic breaking, etc) return it to and I will either repair or replace the defective product! This guarantee does not cover leaking, odor issues, fading, staining, or repelling. You are solely responsible for knowing how to care for your items purchased. We are not responsible for damage due to poor care. Defect guarantee is no longer valid if caustic substances were used (ie. bleach, softeners, vinegar, temps of 140F or higher). Please be considerate about the condition of your item- it must be clean, stain-free and dry. There will be a $2 per product cleaning fee for any product that must be cleaned prior to re-sell or if it is too dirty to be cleaned (ie. dried poo, obvious odor, pet hair). Please note, our diapers are intended for the use on human babies. The 12 month warranty is not valid if diapers are used for other intentions.


I ship Anywhere!

I hit A+ on Better Business Bureau!

What does this mean? This means... our company has been reviewed, tested, and put under the microscope by the Better Business Bureau. They review thousands of companies. Usually they hand out B's. Pretty good if you're an A. AMAZING if you're an A+. Yea, I'm pretty excited about that :)

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