Cloth Training Pants

So, it arrived. That grand moment of debating if now is the time to start potty training. Whether you decide to go cold turkey and pack up all those cute cloth diapers or if you decide to make it a gradual process, you will need these cloth trainers on your side! Easy for your Big Girl or Big Boy to pull up and down and durable enough to hold it in juuuust in case!

Great for overnights and traveling! Even if by travel, you mean, playground or grocery store!

Thick waterproof outer material. Bamboo/terry lining on the inside (super soft!). Built in terry/bamboo liner to hold in any accidents! Adjustable sizing to fit most toddlers 18 months - 4 yrs.

Snap settings help adjust the rise and leg for smaller or wider baby thighs.

With just a few of these, you are ready to take on the potty training chapter in your lil one's life :)