End of the Year Cloth Diaper Kit
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Just Simply Baby

$ 150.00 


Start the New Year off right! $150 spent right now will save you thousands in the long run! Yes. Thousands. Note: pictures are just examples of what may be in the kit.

I've done the Math for you:

Box of Pampers- 216 diapers - $37.49 plus tax. Let's just round to $40. That's just shy of 19 cents a diaper. Babies go through on average 10-12 diapers a day (lets say 11 for math's sake). That's $2.10 a day. That's $766.50 a year! Average child is potty trained at 3. That's $2,299.50! Average American family will have 3 children. That's $6,898.50!!! You can spend $200 right now, get all the diapers you need, to cloth diaper not only your current little one, but any other littles that may follow. When you are all done with changing little bums, you can easily resell your used diapers and get about 25-50% back of what you paid for them. Great value. Great idea.

Included in this kit:

  • 20 one-size cloth diaper pocket covers
    -$380 value!
  • NEW*** I now have full inventory of newborn/preemie size! If you would like to receive any of these sizes- just let me know in the order comments! (Please note, you will only receive ONE mini bamboo blended insert with each newborn size cover).
  • 40 bamboo blended inserts - $100 value!
  • FREE U.S. shipping -up to a $60 value!
  • 12 month warranty - If so much as one stitch comes undone within 1 year, I'll repair or replace it for free!
  • 30 day return  - Use, wash, and then return if you aren't happy for your money back!
  • Buy Back program all included! - All done with diapers? I'll buy them back!
  • Easy how-to instructions

Retail value: $540! This week just $150!