Cloth Diaper Kits

You want the best for your baby!

Maybe you have decided you really don't want to put hard, PAPER on your cute, soft, baby's bum. Maybe, the thought about what the world will be like when your precious miracle is your age and you want to leave a better environment... or maybe, you just sat down and looked over your finances and there is no way you can afford $2,000+ on diapers that will just be thrown away in 2 short years.

You'd like to cloth diaper. You think. You've spent countless hours on the internet searching "best brands", "types of cloth diapers", and "how to wash". Let me welcome you to Just SIMPLY Baby. I was in your shoes at one time. Confused, and dare I say, a little stressed (ok, maybe a lot).

This is the last stop on your cloth diaper research. Why? Because each of my diapers are carefully designed and sewn to perfection. Don't be fooled with my low prices, the quality is still there! I'm a one-mom business- no overhead costs! I'm so sure you'll love these diapers that I offer 30 days for you to try them out, along with a 12 month warranty. I'll even buy back the diapers up to a year old! There is absolutely, no commitments!

No reason to wait, or do more research. It's time now! Jump into this cloth diaper craziness. If you find you just aren't liking it, send me an email and I'll set up a return for you- no questions asked!

Need a better kit to fit your needs? Let us customize one for you! Just let us know what you need and your budget- we'll work something out!