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Why Reusable and Disposable Diapers Aren't Cut From the Same Cloth

As a parent you want to do everything right for your child. You want to make the best choices and protect their health as much as you can. It's a tough job, and one that makes you second guess everything you do.But some decisions aren't as hard as others to make. The cloth diaper versus disposable diaper battle, for instance, is an easy one to figure out. It's a battle of convenience versus what's best for your baby. For many of us, what's best wins every time. Whether you're worried about mother Earth, your finances, or keeping that awful diaper rash at bay, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to use cloth diapers.

Cut Down On Landfill Waste

If the thought of all the garbage our society produces and what that waste is doing to our water sources concerns you, you may want to consider cloth diapers for your baby. Every year, approximately 27.4 billion disposable diapers make their way into a landfill. It's scary to think how much waste that is in just one year.

Not As Many Harmful Chemicals Against Your Baby's Skin

Do sodium polyacrylate, phthalates, tributyl tin and dioxin sound like substances you want against your baby's sweet skin? Many of these chemicals have been associated with health issues. They can disrupt the endocrine system, contribute to obesity and may even have an association with cancer.

If you can't pronounce a name, you may want to stay away from that ingredient.

The Fun Factor

Unlike all the white disposable diapers on the market, cloth diapers have style and pizazz. They come in every color and pattern imaginable. They look so adorable on babies. In the summer months, they can even save you money because these cloth diapers are so cute you don't need to put shorts over top of them.

To get an idea of the variety of cloth diapers, check some out some of the gorgeous selection here on Just Simply Baby.

You Can Reuse Them

After your children are out of diapers, you'll still be able to get a lot of use out of cloth diapers. While disposables are slowly decomposing in landfills, you'll be able to use your cloth diapers as cleaning rags for your vehicle and other things.

Who doesn't love products that have more than one purpose? Moms are multitasking queens, so we expect that same sort of hard work from the things we buy too. We like to get our money's worth.

Give It a Whirl

If you've been thinking about trying cloth diapers, you should give it a chance. You might find you love them so much you'll never buy any disposables again. Or maybe you'll end up deciding that a combination of disposables and cloth diapers works best for your family. Even cutting back some on the disposables you use will net you many of the benefits.

As parents, we need to be willing to think outside of the box and try new things when it comes to our children. Testing the waters is all a part of parenting. You'll figure out the diapering thing and everything else that comes your way.

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